475% ROI in Laser Hair Removal


475% ROI in Laser Hair Removal

We have worked with a chain of clinics that specialize in laser hair-removal. They hired us to turn more visitors into paying customers, or boost their conversion rate.

The challenge specific to the laser hair removal industry was the fact that high-profit margins led to increased competition. Some players in the market offer huge discounts and deals to try and make some quick cash.

From the customer’s perspective, laser hair removal is a sensitive topic, which means that they don’t want too many others to know that they’re looking for such services. That also means that it’s tough to get honest opinions about what works and what doesn’t.

Our approach started with conducting on-site and email surveys to capture as much information as possible from customers anonymously.

From there, we called our client’s business and experienced the process of laser hair removal from beginning to end from the point of view of a customer. This was extremely useful in generating ideas for improvements to test, as well as getting in the heads of potential customers.

Next, we dug into months and months of call center data to identify issues and prioritize them in order of how much each one affected the bottom line.

Although we aimed for an ROI of 700% for this we were only able to achieve an ROI of over 475%. By targeting both desktop and mobile traffic, we were able to boost conversion rates across both successful user segments and segments that were previously underperforming.