10 Things You Need to Do Before Choosing an SEO Agency In Dubai.

10 Things You Need to Do Before Choosing an SEO Agency In Dubai.

by admin September 01, 2020
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SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the method of improving your website to get organic traffic from the search engine results page or in simple words we can say that making some sort of changes to make your website look more appealing and attractive to a search engine.

These changes are done so that the search engine will show their website as a top result on the search engine results page.

Why a website needs SEO optimization?

In today’s time, SEO is a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. So, let’s explore why there is a need to optimize your site:

1. It acts as a helping hand in building your brand:

Yes, website optimization helps you in building your brand. You have to keep two things in mind while building your brand:

– What you will provide to others like (Your products, ideas, services, etc.)

– What others have to speak about your content.

So, these two things play a vital role in building up your brand.

Keep in mind this relationship while you begin your SEO strategy. For this, you can choose keywords and can make content that complies with the picture you want your brand to have.

Then only your online presence will display your ideal branding and helps you to prove it to your target audience.

2. It helps your target audience a lot to find your website:

SEO helps your business to get in front of your audience as they all are actively surfing for information.

Just by having a powerful online presence will not only help you to reach your marketing goals but will also allow your target audience to analyze and buy in a way that works for them.

3. It improves your reliability and command

When you create valuable and informative content, then you have a chance to build trust and reliability with your potential customers. SEO optimization helps a lot here.

It is because today consumers have access to several helpful resources that can help them know about their options before they talk with their sales representatives.

4. It helps you to stay ahead of your competitors:

When you optimize your site, then it not only improves your site ranks but also it helps you to move ahead of your competitors.

As you move up in search results by optimizing your site, so this means that you will get a far better percentage of clicks than your competitors for your target keywords.

5. It boosts your experience:

If you optimize your site then it also means that you are regularly improving the user experience that your site provides.

Ultimately, which have a large impact on your sales and earnings in the long run.

6.  It is quite easy to measure:

One of the biggest merits of SEO is that you can virtually measure every aspect of your results.

With the help of this, you can accurately evaluate what’s working and what’s not, where you are lacking, what needs to be improved, and so on. I think this is the best advantage of SEO.

So, these were the reasons why should a website needs SEO.

How one can do SEO?

The basic aim of SEO has constantly been the same that is to enhance the rankings in search results.

But as we know that, Google keeps on changing or we can say that it keeps on updating its algorithm so automatically the exact steps to achieve the target also keeps on changing with time.

However, the general idea will remain the same, but while optimizing the site you will need to take care of these three things:

1. Always emphasize the user: 

It’s really difficult to forecast Google’s algorithm updates as the company doesn’t disclose the changes that are made in the algorithm.

So, sometimes it becomes too hard to match those changes. But, still, one thing always remains the same that is they are outlined to help the search engine to give the top feasible results to the searchers.

So, while you are optimizing your site continuously emphasize the user. Make content that adds value to others’ lives and always makes sure that your site is easy to negotiate and catch with.

So, one should keep these points in mind as these things will never get changed.

2. Enhance your website for the Mobile:

One of the crucial modifications that have taken place in the past few years is that the usage of devices has changed, with which people obtain online content.

During the early days of SEO people used to access the online content on the desktop computer. But in today’s time, it has changed a lot.

Now, people access search engines on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices. In other words, we can say that mobile usage has increased.

So, firstly what used to happen was that the best pages were shown to the desktop users as in earlier days people used to access the online content in a desktop computer.

But, if any of those pages didn’t do well on smartphones, then it provides the poor user experience to those audiences who used smartphones.

So, now Google has made the shift in this. What they did is that if a website doesn’t function well on the desktop then it’s ranking will suffer even in smartphones and this move helped a lot.

3. Implementation of Keyword Optimization

Search Engines have made use of keywords as a manifestation of how they rank pages from the starting and this factor is still a vital one. So, it always remains the same irrespective of upgrades made in the Google algorithm.

So, these were the basic and important things to keep in mind while you optimize your site.

What are the tools that help in optimizing your site?

As you are working towards enhancing your website’s online visibility, there are many tools you can use for the same which can make your work simple and easy.

1. Tools to reform your keyword research:

The first and the most vital step in any successful SEO strategy is keyword research.

For that, you can use tools to search for the best possible keywords for your business or brand.

I am listing some of the tools that can be used:

– Uber suggest

– Keyword Tool.io

– Google Keyword Planner

2. Tools used to simplify on-page optimization

It is a necessary thing for the SEO process to optimize a page’s on-page elements. For that, you can use some tools that can make this process easy for you:

1. Redirect Path

2. Screening Frog

3. SEMrush

So, these were some of the tools that can be used to simplify the on-page optimization.

3. Tools to upgrade off-page optimization:

Another vital part of SEO is off-page optimization which typically requires earning backlinks.

Competitor research is one of the greatest ways to recognize new opportunities for link building, and for these things are there two tools:

1. Open site explorer

2. Ahrefs

So, you can easily use these tools to upgrade off-page optimization.

4. Tools to upgrade your conversation rate

The aim of SEO isn’t just to captivate the traffic but it’s to transform into clients and customers for your business.

For that, you will need to make sure that your website complies with your visitor’s needs and outlined to motivate the conversations.

To make it simple you can use some tools like:

1. Crazy Egg

2. GT Metrix

These tools can assist you to measure your performance and gives you the chance to identify your area of improvement.

5. Tools to detect your results

When you make some sort of changes in your site then it’s necessary to measure the influence those changes make. For that, there are two tools you can use:

1. Google Analytics

2. Google Search Console

So, these are the two tools you can use to measure the impact those sort of changes makes. These were some of the tools that I have listed which you can use to simplify the process of SEO optimization.

What is an SEO agency?

When it comes to handling your site, then there is a stopping place. Nothing can strike the sensation of applauding you will get for your newly established site that appears remarkably great.

But after a month or so many businesses ask one question from themselves like where is all the traffic gone?

Structuring and launching your site is only the one step in the long journey of keeping a successful and demanding site. Connected forces with an SEO company can help your business or brand to expand and get more profit.

Every SEO company is incomparable but then every company has one aim that is to help you to expand your business or brand.

In the end, the responsibility of the SEO company is to handle phone calls, store visits, and much more through surfing.

It’s just like hiring a catering company for your office whose responsibility is to serve hygienic food to the company. In the same way, the SEO company aims to help you to upgrade your visibility in search engines.

In simple words, we can say that the SEO company is that company which collaborates with the businesses to upgrade your visibility in search engines.

Increased visibility naturally means more traffic to your website and eventually more phone calls, sales, etc.

Cracking down the activity that an SEO agency is working on can be too hard. Every SEO company runs differently, and every campaign is incomparable as well. So, that’s the big challenge here.

As many strategies are indistinguishable over the companies and campaigns.

So, I am listing down an overview outline of what an SEO company does

1. Investigate and examine your site

2. Furnish understandable communication and recurrent updates.

3. Construct off-page SEO changes

4. Construct on-page SEO changes

5. Run tests and experiments.

6. Producing content

So, on these six points, an SEO company focusses much and these six points are helpful too.

One thing that needs to be understood is that if an SEO company optimizes your website regularly then it definitely drives the best results and ultimately which means more people will visit your website and hence more traffic.

A top SEO company has follow-up methods that permit persistent adjusting, testing, and turning the strategies to your website and behind their campaigns.

It is seen that typically a good SEO company redesign their sites every three to four years.

Search patterns in your industry are changing very rapidly so which means that your SEO campaign needs to endure as quickly as possible.

So, when you choose any SEO company then you should be sure to find that SEO company that moves as fast as your business does.

How does an SEO agency work?

As we know, all SEO companies are unique but all of them have the same aim that is to help you to expand your business by improving your visibility in search engines.

Let’s assume that you operate a house decorator company in Delhi. You are a pro in decorating. You know everything related to it.

You want to get more and more guides for your decorating business and apprehend from your customers that they found the decorating contractors from search engines.

Spending your valuable time to grasp, execute, and adjust for that an SEO campaign isn’t a good option.

Here, what you will do is you will hire an SEO company that will help you to expand your business and also boost your visibility in search engines.

And after hiring a good SEO company your website starts turning up at the top of Google results for searches like “house decorators in Delhi”. And then, of course, it means more people will visit your site which ultimately means increased traffic.

And on top of that, there is a plus point too. The plus point is that the traffic is 100% organic which automatically means that your business has started expanding.

The best part of the SEO company is that your marketing attempts allow fascinated customers to discover you online. This means that people are interested in your services or products.

So, this is how an SEO agency works.  

We have already explored the term SEO in detail. Now, it’s time to explore the benefits of an SEO agency.

Benefits of an SEO agency.

As we all know that SEO is the most obtainable form of digital marketing. So, in today’s time if you will not approach an SEO agency for optimizing your site then your business will fail without it.

As we are aware that an SEO agency will help us to increase our visibility on search engines which directly means more traffic can result in inbound links from the respected websites. This automatically increases ranking and reputation in your niche.

Now, the biggest challenge that comes here for most companies is producing great content. For that, they hire content writers to get established or many companies even hire third-party services to obtain their content as well.

Let’s see some of the benefits of an SEO agency:

1. The Low-Price marketing device:

Your larger expenditure is your site itself. Now, that you are online, SEO is all about expenditure and hard work.

Since SEO is so cost beneficial, the relative ROI is vast. It’s a base for all future attempts. Those attempts will automatically derive traffic that too organic(unpaid) to your appealing and attractive website.

2. A great method to begin collecting data:

The web is not a fixed place. You need to discover data to stay ahead of your competitors.

But, keep one thing in mind that data only comes from the pursuit of your target market. Even the basic data tools, gives huge information about the site traffic.

When you understand the strategy, then you can begin to calculate the results.

3. Constant Results:

You will need to upgrade your website from time to time. But the traffic to your site will shortly become a well-treated path.

Your visitors and search engines will come to know that how much people tender to get there. The SEO advantages include chances for obedience. Your top customers will open the door for more great customers to come to your website.

4. Better serviceability:

Part of your SEO attempts will include improving the site-building. This includes advantages like better rankings.

They even permit you to improve the serviceability of your website. Mostly, search engines like websites give a huge top experience for users.

They like the sites that are more useful and applicable to users as well. Your perspective on SEO can be very much humankind in this way.

5. Become the concern of the audience’s analysis:

Most of the consumers research online before they shop which embrace in-store and online purchases.

Your brand should be their foremost landing place which depends on the kind of information that you are giving to your audience.

As we all know, the audience needs appropriate and valuable content more than marketing which you need to keep in mind always. This is only the component of the inbound strategy.

Your aim should be the right solution for your audience. That should be your top goal.

6. Program for inbound marketing:

This means that serving the customers that come at a purchase. In the future, you maybe give the free value to drive customers to purchase and that inbound strategy can begin with search engines easily.

Visitors that come to your website naturally are intent in purchasing the services that you provide.

7. Visibility in your field:

Your customers are unlike any other. With the SEO you can treat them the way they warranted.

SEO helps you to choose the top elements for your customers and that’s the best chance to earn more value in your field which automatically means more visibility.

8. SEO might even ensue to greater conversion rates:

If your ranking is good in any search engines then it can assure you huge conversion rates.

Your target market will be aware of you as long as you hold a good ranking in search engines. As many people are becoming familiar with your brand that directly means there are more chances that people will close a deal with you.

So, it opens the door for more opportunities.

9. SEO proves to be a helping hand to obtain market share: 

If your site remains at the top of the search engine then it means that more and more people will visit your site.

So, these users are said to be your leads. If they find your content valuable and appropriate then there are chances that they will convert into your customers.

They will either subscribe to your newsletter or they may buy those products or services that you offer. Once this happens then directly you obtain the share of the market.

10. SEO helps you to increase your followers on various social media platforms:

So as long as your website ranking is good in search engines, that means more and more people will come to know about you.

Your brand awareness can even go a long way to different social media sites. Eventually, more people will follow you.

So, these were the ten benefits of an SEO agency.

Are you looking for an SEO agency who could help you with your business or brand?

Without any doubt, using the best SEO company is very important for establishing a firm site with quality content. If you want that your site should reach to your target audience then you need to improve your website with the quality content and for that, a good SEO agency can help you in doing that.

Now, you know that we are living in the age of digital marketing, so you can get in touch with the SEO agency that can help you to expand your business.

As we all know that in this world, search engines like Google are filled with vast content on a similar niche, so it’s not at all easy to get traffic that too organic(unpaid) and rank your site on top.

If you seriously want to generate organic traffic and want your website to have a good ranking, then you need to hire a good SEO agency.

But, now the problem that comes here is how you will get to know that it’s a good SEO company? Are there any things or particular points to keep in mind while choosing an SEO agency that can help your business to expand?

Yes, some factors have to be kept in mind while you hire an SEO company. I am listing ten factors you need to read if you are planning to hire an SEO company:

1. Recognize what the target audience wants!

Recognizing the needs and requirements of the customers is the most pressing need of the hour for any professional SEO agency.

They need to analyze the things that the customer demands and should work accordingly.

Like, whenever you are offering any product or services to your client then make sure that you have hired the best SEO agency who is aware of the exact requirements and needs of the clients. Even they should be aware of their business expectations for sure.

These things you need to look upon when you hire an SEO agency. Once the SEO agency recognizes their needs and requirements, then they should be capable of figuring out the way of presenting it.

Execution is the key so it should be done properly. To make execution easy and smooth from the very starting then for that SEO firm should follow a structured approach according to the client’s needs and requirements.

Now, most of the time the importance is given to keywords rather than the audience. No doubt, keywords are important but more important is your target audience. Suppose you are not familiar with your target audience then how you will be familiar with which keywords to target.

Of course, you will not be able to do that. It’s the most common mistake most of the bloggers and content creators make by thinking that if they will use the best keywords then their site will be at good ranking. Now, that’s just not the role of keywords in that your target audience is equally important.

Let’s take an example to make it more clear suppose that your audience is like a paintbrush with the help of which you will be able to fill the different paint colors on a drawing. But, if there will be no paintbrush then how will you paint a particular drawing.


Similarly, without knowing your target audience how will you be able to get familiar with the keywords like what to use and what not to. So, keep this in mind that they should recognize what the target audience wants.

2. Transformation and creativity both the things are must:

All the top SEO companies can put the ideas in front of the audience creatively and effectively.

While choosing an SEO company you need to keep this thing in your mind that the SEO agency should have unique strategies than others as uniqueness is the key and we all know that to make things unique and different from others we need to be creative and innovative enough.

If you want that your business should stand out from the crowd then you need to hire that SEO agency who has a unique way of offering the services and products to their target audience.

If you will be able to choose such an agency then for sure you will get more organic traffic to your website and it may also open doors to many new opportunities. So, while hiring an SEO company you should lay more stress on their way of presenting the ideas in front of the audience.

3. Accountability is the most important factor:

All the committed SEO agencies would be carefully and attentively fulfill their responsibilities. They need to work seriously to expand your business and should guarantee that the customers are not at all facing any issues and inconvenience.

All the top SEO agencies always keep one thing in mind that the audience should not face any kind of issue. Their motive is to just provide every service and product to their audiences in an effective manner so that the audience doesn’t face any inconvenience.

So, whenever you choose any SEO agency to expand your business then keep this factor in mind.

A top SEO agency is always responsible for customers and their work. They never do those things that are not good for their customers.

This factor plays an important role while you hire an SEO agency and for that, all you need to do is to just reach out to the customers of that particular company to get more information about it. 

4. A good grasp over Social Media is crucial:

In today’s time, we have so many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler and the list is endless to stay in touch with friends and family.

Nowadays, other than these people use these platforms to promote their brand and businesses.  If any SEO agency has a good grasp over social media then you can hire them without any more doubt in your mind.

5. UX and UI:

Earlier desktop computers did most of the tasks. But, now smartphones have replaced them. People use smartphones more than desktop computers now. This shows that the website that you make should be congenial with mobile phones. It includes everything image, font size, etc.

The page speed of a site should be 2 to 3 seconds otherwise bounce rate will get amplified. So, you need to keep this thing in mind.

6. Quality matters a lot:

This is the most important factor. At the time of hiring an SEO company, you need to look that they should not use any black SEO methods.

You need to take care of this thing because it might harm your site and one thing you should make sure that the content you are publishing should be of good quality.

Now, the quality of content on site depends on many factors like originality, dependability, and much more.

While hiring an SEO agency make sure that they should give you original and good content and should have the capability to publish it on time to time as consistency is the key.

7. The final decision should be taken by looking at the reviews:

Before making the final decision, never forget to take the opinions of your friends and business partners because they can help you with their opinions.

Before hiring any SEO agency, you should check the reviews and ratings of that particular SEO agency and then hire them because recommendations play a vital role. 

8. Capability to strike legal challenges:

For sure no one wants to invite any kind of legal issue. Suppose any SEO agency uses the white hat SEO methods then you can easily hire them without any doubt, as they are free from any kind of legal challenges.

So, we can easily analyze from this that the top SEO agency is that which is free from any legal challenges.

9. Hire an SEO agency that provides services of subscription:

If you want that your website should rank well on search engines then you need to pour consistent efforts for that.

This is the major reason why you should hire an SEO agency.

If you are choosing an SEO agency then make sure that the SEO agency should provide you with post-optimization maintenance rather than just putting stress that your site should be on top.

So, choose that SEO agency that offers post-optimization services.

10. Make sure what tools they use:

Before hiring an SEO agency, you should ask them what tools they use and also it would be better if you research all the tools that the SEO agency uses.

Don’t hire that SEO agency that uses automated submissions as this can harm your site rankings on the search engines.

So, these were the ten factors that you should keep in mind before hiring an SEO agency for your site.


Now, we know how important is to optimize your website from time to time to not only to improve your website rankings but also it improves two more things that are, user experience and usability of a website.

For optimizing your website it’s important to hire a top SEO agency that can help you in that. Always, remember that choosing the unfitting SEO agency may lead to very condemning consequences including the removal of your site from the search results.

For choosing the right and appropriate SEO agency you need to do a thorough market analysis for sure which can help you a lot in finding out which SEO agency suits you the best.

If you need more information about SEO and want to work with an SEO agency in Dubai, call us on 050 6986164.

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