This can drastically help your business…

This can drastically help your business…

by admin January 23, 2020

You might have heard that Google is now getting into online food-ordering business in the US.

Initially, it might look like the Search Giant is getting to other business domains.

But in reality Google is trying to help small businesses.

Google is in the data business and they know that the rise of aggregators would be harmful for small businesses.

So they are getting into the aggregation business themselves.

When aggregators started dominating the hotel industry, they introduced google hotels.

Now, the delivery business is being dominated by a few players so they are getting into delivery too.

The advantage that Google offers over other players is that as a data company, they are always looking for ways to sell their ad inventory

And this is great for small businesses. All you have to do is come up with exciting creatives like the ad below and you can get as much customers as you wish.

(The Ad for Nissan says ‘Automatic Distance Control. Approved by Finns’ and it showcases Nissan’s ProPILOT technology that keeps a safe distance with the vehicle in front.)

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