Company Name Ideas to Make Your New Business a Spectacular Success

Having a great new is extremely important for a business to become successful.

The original name for Google was Gogol. While the word ‘Gogol’ has a meaning associated with it and ‘Google’ does not have a meaning, ‘Google’ sounds much more cooler and impactful than ‘Gogol’.

No, wonder Google is a Trillion Dollar company today.

If you want to have a company name that is as impactful as Google or Lexus, we suggest you check if the dot com of the name is available.

If the dot com of your new company name is not available then its not a great idea to move forward because you will be handicapped with a great name that does not have a com associated with it.

Most mobile phones have the ‘com’ button on their keypads. This means that people will type your company name followed by the ‘com’ button and if you don’t own that name, it will take the user to someone elses website.

Here is a quick way to check if the ‘com’ version of your website is available for purchase. Click this link and type the name of your website and see if the name is taken. If its taken, we suggest you search for another name and buy it before anyone else comes up with the same though.