7 Digital Marketing Tips for Legal Firms

Most Legal firms are under the impression that business should grow organically. Meaning clients should approach them based on referral and reputation.

But the reality is very different. Research has shown that 87% of business in the legal industry begins with a Google Search, followed by reading reviews online and looking at past case studies.

If you want to increase business by 200%, here are 7 Tips that can take your Legal Firm to a new level.

1. Ensure your website is a Salesman that Works 24/7

Imagine a salesman that works 24/7 and never takes a day off. That is your website. But the sad reality is that the average Legal Firm’s website has less than 1% conversions.

Meaning 99% of people who visit your website leave without taking an action.

Imagine 100 people visiting your office today and 99 leaving without saying anything, would that piss you off?

Well, in the online world because you are not seeing what is happening it’s very easy to ignore the fact that 99% of people leave your website without taking any action.

You need to have a strategic plan to stop that leakage and convert your website visitors into customers. The plan needs to include conversion optimization, home page redesign, exit popup, video testimonial and heatmap based call to action.

When we carried these 5 steps for our legal client, their conversions increased by 200% and if you would like to get a detailed blueprint of what we did, give us a call on 050 6986164.

2. Engage in Digital Marketing

If you look at the top legal firms in the region, you can see that they are everywhere when you search, when you are reading a new article, when you are on social media and even when you watch a video.

That’s not an accident.

The smartest legal firms are surrounding your prospects from all sides so that anytime they have a requirement, its their brand name the prospect will remember.

You need to be doing the same thing to remain relevant to your prospects.

You need to be advertising on Google Business, Google Display, Google Search, Google Smart, Google Dynamic, Google Calls, Google Video, besides Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Native Channels.

3. Use the power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 700 million users and it is always a good idea to use the power of LinkedIn to reach decision makers. If you have a strong presence on LinkedIn, you can have a steady flow of customers.

As an agency owner with 27,000 followers on LinkedIn and 100,000 readers, I have been able to generate thousands of enquiries from LinkedIn.

With a strategic plan and the use of an influencer on LinkedIn, you would be able to tap the power and take your legal firm to its next level of growth and development.

4. Participate in Events but Promote it Online!

One of our Legal Clients is participating in a major event, and instead of doing a straightforward PR campaign. We broke up the PR story into 3 LinkedIn content pieces. Created a webinar around the theme. Did a FB live to promote the LinkedIn pieces.

As we have access to 38K users on FB and 100K readers on LinkedIn, our 3 posts got the initial traction required to get attendees to the webinar. During the webinar we warmed up the audience and gave them several reasons to visit our client’s stand at the actual event.

Show-ups increased by 200% and while other event participants were desperately wooing walk-ins, our client was welcoming pre-qualified visitors to their stand.

5. Use the Power of Social Proof

Noticed long lines in front of a restaurant?

That’s because many restaurants limit the size of their reception area. This forces people to wait outside, and the line signals to people walking past that the restaurant is so good it’s worth waiting for.

For Legal Firms, social proof looks a bit different.

Of course you can build trust by having famous brand logos on your website and explaining how they became your customers.

But you need to do more than that.

You need to create events on LinkedIn.

You need to promote those events using LinkedIn posts, articles, ads, FB Lives, Youtube Lives and Native Ads.

You need to surround your audience from all sides. (remember it takes 21 touch points to get a decision in the B2B space)

Make sure, each 21 touch point has some sort of social proof.

Especially, when you drive 1000 people to register and 500 end up on the webinar, make sure to use the 6-step webinar selling strategy and social proof as your main sales tool.

If you do that a full sales funnel and uptick in bottom line is what awaits you.

6. Use the Nash Equilibrium to Good Effect

If you are not familiar with this concept then let me explain. Nash equilibrium is a situation where there are a number of players who optimize their outcomes in relation to each other.

Every player has their desired role to play, and all of it coalesces in mutual benefit.

For example, suppose three businesses are in tight competition.

They’re going to make decisions based on their competitors – decisions about coupons, retail locations, e-commerce and much more.

So if they engage in game theory analysis to figure out what the other competitors benefit from, they may find that a Nash equilibrium is a great part of helping them to decide how to run their business.

Nash equilibrium is something that not many people have heard about and even less people in the legal industry are aware of how its being used, but when you work with us you shall be exposed to this powerful concept.

7. Automate and use Legal Tech

You need to automate your operations and use a company like Beveron Technologies to digitally transform your legal firm. By digitizing your firm, automating administrative tasks and streamlining your IP tasks, you would be able to save a lot of time, which you can better utilize in client acquisition and new prospect development.

Beveron Technologies wins ‘LegalTech Innovation’ award by DJMC Group, Dubai


You need to have a strategic marketing plan to increase your business by 200% and see a spike in inbound enquiries. To get a detailed plan of action and to have a discussion about your growth prospects, reach out to us on 050 6986164.