Do Lawyers in Dubai Need SEO?

Do Lawyers in Dubai Need SEO?

by admin September 30, 2019
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Doing SEO for lawyers, law firms and legal practitioners doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

Law firms should get new clients from refferals. They should be known for the cases they won and the legal issues they sort.

Well, that could be right in the last century but not anymore.

Just take a look at these amazing stats:

96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine.

74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action.

So, if you are not there on the front page of google when users look for legal advice, you have lost 96% of all business, straight away.

How to Do SEO for Legal Firms

I have worked with a lot of legal firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The feel that I get when I sit down for the initial discussion is: ‘We are in the legal industry so we need to be careful about every word we say’.

I can’t but help smiling.

The reality is that every industry should be extremely careful about what they say. One wrong word can sink a company and it’s not only legal firms but all companies should be extremely careful of what they utter in the public space.

Ok, I digress but coming back to the SEO discussion, doing SEO is quite easy.

You imagine your site is a stranger coming to a new town and you want everyone in town to realise that you are a highly qualified lawyer so that you can setup your practise and become the most well known legal consultant in town.

So the first step you take is setup a law firm (website) and name it appropriately. You want the name to be memorable and associated with your industry.

Next, you put up your credentials (website content) and if there are other lawyers in town, you will have to show the townspeople what makes you better than the other lawyers (your USP).

Now that you have claimed your USP, it is your duty to prove that you are indeed an expert at what you say. This is where you give legal consultation for your clients and get their testimonials (backlinks).

As in real life, Google too thinks that the more positive testimonials that you have from other reputable people the more reliable you are.

The crux of SEO is understanding that your reputation is everything. If you have dofollow links pointing back to your site from reputed brands like BBC, CNBC, WebMD, The Guardian, Times, Gulf News, Wikipedia and other well know brands, Google assumes that your site is trustworthy.

Just as in life, being trusted is everything.

If you are able to create a good user experience and build trust for your brand using the power of your website, you could have more traffic and leads coming to your website than probably what your law firm can handle.

What next for your Legal Firm?

We know that being a busy legal consultant running a thriving legal practice probably you might not find the time to do SEO for your company and this is were we come in.

Our team of SEO experts will go to work on your legal website and turn it into a magnet that attracts calls and leads from highly qualified people looking for legal consultation in the UAE. For more details call 050 6986164.

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