Dubai SEO Link Report for Quick Website Ranking

Not long ago, former Googler Kaspar Szymanski did an enlightening “Ask Me Anything” session about Google SEO penalties.

The top question that came in was from Matthew Carey, the frustrated owner of an SEO agency.

Carey used to run a private blog network — a cheap way to get links to his clients’ sites.

But one day, Google turned its mighty eye on Carey’s PBN. They penalized and deindexed all sites that had links from Carey’s network.

“Fair enough,” said Carey, “don’t play by the rules, get taken down.” He said he learned his lesson and stopped running the PBN.

But here’s the part that had Carey frustrated:

Google ended up deindexing all sites in any way connected to his agency. Not just the ones that had links from the PBN… but also all other sites he was affiliated with, including ones with perfectly legit link profiles.

My point is, be careful where or how you get your links.

The ex-Googler, Kaspar Szymanski, claimed there are no confirmed cases where Google will just penalize sites like this, seemingly out of spite.

And yet there are many stories from frustrated business owners that tell a different tale.

So I’d like to suggest that if you outsource your link building to a potentially shady SEO agency

Even if they don’t do anything shady for your particular site…

But as long as they are doing anything shady for their other clients, or maybe for their own business…

It might come back to bite you in the worst possible way. You might face a drop in search rankings, or in the worst case, a total deindex, meaning no more organic traffic at all.

At Seo Souq, we pride ourselves on being a genuinely 100% white-hat SEO agency.

Not only does this keep us and our clients safe from Google penalties…

But just as important, it’s also the smartest and most direct path to real SEO success, and sustainable, profitable organic traffic.

Which leads me to the special offer I’m making this week:

A custom link report for your website.

This link report is the first, crucial step we take with all our clients — businesses who pay us thousands of dollars each month.

And right now, for the first time ever, we are offering this custom link report to any business that wants to start getting a flow of consistent, profitable, organic traffic.

Here’s how it works:

You take 2 minutes to tell us which ideal keywords you want to rank for.

Our link experts then dive into the research. They study your site as well as your top competition.

After in-depth analysis, using both publicly available data sources and our own in-house software…

We produce a custom, manual analysis of which types of links you need… how many links you need… and which pages on your site you need to link to in order to rank for your ideal keywords.

With this custom link report, you know exactly what to do, and what you do NOT need to do to get the marketing return you are after.

Starting next week, we will be offering our custom link report for $500. And it will be a steal at that price, because it can save you thousands of dollars and months of time on wasted SEO efforts… and more importantly, because it can lead your business to real profits.

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