How Will Expo 2020 Affect Dubai?

How Will Expo 2020 Affect Dubai?

by admin August 16, 2019
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25 Million Visitors are expected to visit Dubai between October 20, 2020 and 10 April, 2021 and this will be a major boost to the UAE economy.

There will be more than 200 international participants, including 190 nations, businesses, non-government organizations and educational institutions. Expo 2020 is expected to be the World’s Greatest Show.

What is even more interesting is that Dubai Expo 2020 has created a massive increase in digital activity online. Let us look at look at some of the implications of Dubai Expo 2020 on digital platforms and the amount of searches happening online.

Dubai Expo 2020 Search Patterns in Google Trends

Google trends keep track of search patterns across the globe. If you analyze the search patterns for the keyword ‘Dubai Expo 2020’ you can see that interest in this keyword has systematically increased from 2018 on wards.

Growing Interest in US

Interest in US for Expo 2020

Google trends also indicate an increase in search volume in US. From July 21 on wards, we are seeing a massive spike in interest for Expo 2020. Google is also using predictive analysis to showcase an increase in search volume in the coming months.

When Google breaks down the search volume across sub regions in the US, we can see that the District of Columbia takes the top spot for all searches related to Dubai Expo 2020. The District of Colombia is followed by New Mexico, Iowa, New York and Nevada.

More interesting insights come out, when you narrow down the data to the last 30 days. We can see growing interest in Dubai Expo 2020 from Iowa, District of Columbia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Alabama.

Rising Searches from UK

Search Patterns for Expo 2020 in UK

The Search Patterns for Dubai Expo 2020 is also quite high in the UK. Despite Brexit and other internal challenges, the interest towards Expo 2020 has growing from August 2018 on wards.

UK Sub regions with interest in Expo 2020

When we break down the interest by sub regions in UK, we can see that the top search volume comes from England, followed by Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Over all, we can see that Dubai Expo 2020 is going to have a massive impact on the economy of the UAE and if you would like to take advantage of this growth by getting cutting edge digital marketing carried out for your brand give us a call on 050 6986164.

Active Interest from China

Expo 2020 Interest from China

Although Google has a limited presence in China and Baidu is the top search engine in China, we can see that there is growing interest in Dubai Expo 2020 and the top search volume comes from Zhejiang , Shangai and Guangdong.

Massive Interest from India

Dubai Expo 2020 Interest from India

The Search Patterns from India for Dubai Expo 2020 are quite healthy. In fact, we are seeing some of the highest volume of searches from India.

Search Volume from India

On breaking down the search volume based on sub regions, we can see the highest volume of search from Kerala. This is not uncommon, as there is a huge number of expatriates in the UAE from Kerala. The search volume from Kerala is followed by searches from Goa, Delhi, Puducherry and Karnataka.

Rising Interest from Canada

Canadian Searches for Expo 2020

Canadians have been showing an active interest in Dubai Expo 2020 from 2018 onwards and we are able to see a healthy increase in search volume.

Canada Sub regions indicating expo 2020 interest

When the Canadian data is broken down by sub regions, the top spot goes to Quebec, followed by British Columbia, Ontario, Albert and Manitoba.

Take Advantage of Expo 2020

If you would like to take advantage of Dubai Expo 2020 and ensure your business gets a massive spike in sales and enquiries during this period, give us a call on 050 6986164. We can ensure that your brand is part of the World’s Greatest Show.

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