List of Words that Metaverse Has Introduced into Our Conversation

What virtual and augmented reality can do, and what the metaverse as a whole will help people experience, is a sense of presence, which I think is much more natural in the way we are created to interact.

And I think if we succeed, maybe in five or seven years, people will think of us primarily as a metaverse company, not a mobile Internet company helping to create that experience. And I hope that if we do it right, I think that in the next five years or so, in this next chapter of our company, I think that we will indeed move away from people who see us primarily as a social media company. , to being a metaverse company. …

Is the Metaverse one single world?

Many people see the metaverse not as a single world, but as a scenario in which we can seamlessly transfer ourselves and our things – from fashion to art to the grocery store – from platform to platform.

And most experts view the metaverse as a global space that anyone can access, not as something owned by a company. Essentially, no company will run the metaverse: it will be the “embodied Internet,” said Zuckerberg, decentralized by many different actors. Zuckerberg acknowledged that “no society” will build a metaverse by itself.

Changes Introduced you Metaverse

Other companies talking about the metaverse include Microsoft and chip maker Nvidia. And dozens of other tech companies are investing in potential metaverse applications. Big tech companies aren’t the only ones creating their own metaverse. Dozens of companies announced their plans for virtual reality (VR) after Facebook sparked a fuss by changing its parent name to Meta in an attempt to realize opportunities in the “metaverse”.

History of Metaverse

Meta Universe is a term coined in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”, which combines the prefix “Yuan” (meaning to show or imply a clear self-awareness) and the word “Universe” to describe the virtual universe VR that can be accessed through technology. ..

Metaverse is a digital reality that combines various aspects of social media, online games, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrency to enable users to interact with each other virtually.

The meta-universe is a public collective virtual space created by the fusion of virtual augmented physical reality and physical permanent virtual space [1], which includes the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality and the Internet. The term “meta universe” is composed of the prefix “yuan” (meaning external) and the stem “k” (evolved from “universe”); this term is usually used to describe the concept of the future iteration of the Internet, which is connected to the perception of virtual The persistent, shared, three-dimensional virtual space composition in the world.

Place of AR and VR in the Metaverse

Metaverse usually refers to the idea of ​​a shared virtual platform that people can access through different devices and can move around in a digital environment. However, unlike virtual worlds such as Minecraft and Fortnite and the metaverse in Snow Crash, which are owned by the same company, Zuckerberg and other technology executives describe an Internet-like platform—the underlying infrastructure. Not owned or operated by any one organization. Instead, companies like Meta will manage shared experiences on a planet in thousands or even millions of other virtual destinations in the larger Metaverse.

The amount of social coordination, infrastructure building, and technological advancement required to create a universal metaverse like the one depicted in science fiction is enormous. And most importantly, it is not clear if this is really what people want. And some who have thought about it for a while are worried about the new world associated with the social media giant that may have access to even more personal data and accused of failing to stop the spread of dangerous misinformation and other damage online. exacerbate real problems.

Social Coordination Due to Metaverse

Although Metaverse’s technology is far from being fully realized, it is predicted that it will eventually become a place where you can work, entertain, study, create, shop, and interact with friends in a virtual online environment. With the development of Metaverse, an online space will be created in which user interaction will be more multidimensional than the interaction supported by modern technology. Metaverse users will be able to immerse themselves in the space where the digital world and the physical world meet, instead of simply viewing digital content.

In the news, there are rumors that Facebook will change its name to accept the company’s commitment to Metaverse. A few days before the annual Facebook Connect conference on October 28, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the meeting that he will discuss the issue of the name change. Reuters, November 1-Facebook (FB.O) changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc last week to show its focus on Metaverse, which it believes will be the successor to the mobile web. Facebook will start trading as a meta-platform on December 1, and it said it wants to be seen as a metaverse company rather than a social media company.

Virtual worlds have become a special target for investors following Facebook’s announcement that it will change its name to Meta and spend at least $ 10 billion to become a metaverse company. The metaverse makes people talk, and Wall Street is obsessed with virtual worlds, augmented reality, and any other activity that falls under the undefined umbrella of the metaverse. Dozens of CEOs from old and new companies discussed the metaverse during Investor Days, P&L calls and CEO interviews in November, according to an internal 2021 business transcript survey by financial research firm Sentieo Inc.

A Brave New World

Unsurprisingly, every company’s metaverse tends to serve its own business interests. Online dating apps, cryptocurrency exchanges, and a professional wrestling brand are the many companies that have tried to weave their disparate and seemingly unrelated ventures in this quarter’s metaverse. The concept has been in the spotlight for analysts after Facebook last month changed its corporate name to Meta in preparation for “the internet embodied in which you are in the experience, not just look at it,” as defined by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. …

Zuckerberg bet on Metaverse, a computer-generated world, where people use the company’s virtual reality headsets to work, play, and communicate. Entertainment Metaverse will delight music lovers, influential people will flock to the fashionable Metaverse to show off digital clothing, and there is even a Shark Metaverse (related to cryptocurrency). Game and entertainment purchases may also occur in Metaverse. In-game purchases, character accessories or extra lives are just a few ways for game companies to make money in Metaverse.

As more events and concerts are held in the metaverse, businesses will have many opportunities for potentially lucrative sponsorship. Second, the metaverse presents an opportunity for Facebook, which generates almost all of its ad revenue, not only to create new ad unit categories, but also to create commerce opportunities in an effort to diversify revenue streams. ” Vlad Panchenko, founder and CEO of DMarket, a market and technology for creating virtual worlds, says the metaverse will expand to include many cross-chain opportunities as the importance of the virtual economy grows.

New Words Entering Our World Due to the Metaverse

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All this makes me feel that whether the metaverse is being built in Dubai or the UAE or any other place in the world, we are going to see a lot of changes that we never expected to happen.

What are your thoughts?