How to Get Clients from the Metaverse in Dubai

Are you maxing out your friend connections on Facebook with your ideal clients? 👇

One of the strongest and easiest ways to build a pipeline of perfect-fit clients is via your personal fb profile.

Here’s what you want to do:

1).Optimize your fb page to act as a 24/7 sales team… enrolling clients while you sleep – It starts with your cover photo which should give an elevator pitch of how you can serve your audience so they know what you do.

Your personal fb posts should add value, show your expertise, give testimonials, & highlight your unique personality. When done tastefully this becomes your “relation – trust” factor.

Remember people buy from people they know, like, trust & RELATE TO.

Give people a chance to relate to your uniqueness, hobbies, interests, lifestyle & beliefs…. and you’ll find people will buy from you over your “bland” competition.


—> Nobody cares you ordered pizza. So don’t post a photo of a cheese pizza with a caption, “Nom Nom.” This doesn’t do anything for anyone….

(I know… it should….. Pizza is spectacular…. but it doesn’t sadly)

Now…. you could post a photo of pizza and include details of where it is from or what toppings your audience should try next time they order a pizza…. this slight difference adds value!

2).Send 10-20 friend requests per day to your ideal clients. These are potential partners, potential clients, & people you look up to.

(Do so throughout the day… not all at once to stay within fb guidelines)

Because as your network grows… so does the reach of each one of your posts (social engagement increases on your posts and thus delivers your message to more Potetnial clients”. (The fb algo rewards posts with the most engagement)

3). Sprinkle stories, offers, and value to your fb page. People can’t buy your coaching or dfy services if they didn’t know an offer was on the table to do so. And if you use our 4d video & messaging formula when you do make these offers, they will convert.

Just think about how much you STALK a strangers page before you buy from them or because they sent you a friend request. This becomes a MASSIVE part of your decision to work with them.

You quietly ask yourself,

“Am I like this person?”

“Can I trust this person?”

“Do they have my same morals & values?”

“Do they have an expertise I want to learn?”

“Do we have friends in common.”

“Do others vouch for their sincerity & results?”

“Do they seem like fun to work with?”

“Would I want to hang out with this person?

You can literally attract perfectly aligned clients with your same morals & values whilst repelling non-fit clients at the same time in an evergreen format with your fb profile… and it’s on based on what you post!

Now this is BEGINNER stuff thus far.

Easy and simple but effective.

…You should easily land a 1 client per week just from optimizing your organic social media presence in the manner above.  

The next question becomes….

Dino, how do I land 3-7 high ticket clients per week?

What if I want to scale to $100,000+ per year? Or better yet add another 6 figures per year to my already successful business?
That’s where the mini-workshop method comes in!

We use paid mini-workshops to CONNECT with premium prospects & convert 3-7 clients per week into our mastermind.

On these mini-workshops we give JUST the right amount of value  so that a portion of attendees decide to upgrade & become clients.

There is a formula to a kick-ass mini-workshop that looks like this:

  • The right hook
  • The right funnel
  • The right deliverables
  • A fantastic offer
  • The right up-sell mechanics
  • And the right follow-up to maximize sales

We put together an entire program around this advanced client getting strategy called, “The Mini-Workshop Method.”

And it is for sale for $5,000. (value = $22,000)

But… we’d rather give it to you for FREE!

Contact us on 050 6986164 to get this.