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It’s almost like a magnet gone bad.

You run an ad on Facebook, use all the fancy targeting they have so you can make sure to only target people who make over $100k, are luxury buyers and are super qualified.

Then 24hrs later you have a look at your stats and what do you find?

You blew through your budget, got a bunch of broke people booking discovery calls who want to “pick your brain” and NO ONE who’s qualified to pay you.

It’s like having a magnet but it’s attracting everything you DON’T WANT.

But the problem is deeper…

If you are doing all the targeting on Facebook that attracts the right people AND you have a slick “lead magnet”, “offer”, “freebee”or webinar for them AND they are still BROKE and CRAZY – what do you do?

Increase your budget on Facebook and “hope” it gets better?

The reality is – Facebook has the best ad targeting on the planet.

It’s crazy what you can do and how you can target people.

So if you are doing all that AND your still getting crazy & unqualified people – what do you do?

That happened to me a number of years ago.

I was going backwards so fast I thought I was going forward. I had about 40,000 followers on Facebook
and I was spending about $5k a month on ads.

Problem was – no matter what I did all as I got was the broke people reaching out to me.

Sure – there were a few awesome people BUT I was having to talk to and work with 10 crazy’s for every 1 good one.

Not good.

And so I thought I’d just jack my ad budget up and get more people who were


Next thing you know I had so many crazy people I didn’t know what to do.

I was maxed out on time helping them, losing my health, going crazy myself and worst of all – blowing through HUGE amounts of cash to get them.

Which made me MAD.

I was risking everything to build this business and I wasn’t getting qualified

I tried it all!


Video sales letters…

Outsourced my Facebook ad management…

Different traffic sources…

Better sales call scripts…

Fancy email capture pages…


Use the law of attraction to manifest the best clients…

A computer FULL of training’s, cheesy coaching
& secrets….

And you know what I got out of it all?

Hair loss.

All of it..


I had hired experts, guru’s & tried everything and yet I was going backwards faster than ever before.

I was like my Yellow Labrador dog who chases her tail.. Seemed like a good idea but the tail was always 3 inches in front.


It does not have to be that way.

It’s very easy to blame Facebook and the people on Facebook.

But it’s not their fault.

It’s not your fault either.

The issue is the system.

The more complicated you make your coaching/consulting business – the harder it is going to be to make that extra $10k to $50k a month.

In fact – A LOT of coaches go out of business before ever getting there.

And going BACKWARDS is NOT an option.

Meet up groups are chocked full of coaches and consultants looking for leads…

Free Facebook Groups are loaded with people giving away “free advice” hoping they will attract some clients out of it…

Engagement on business pages (fan pages) in my experience is dropping like a rock.

Heck – I used to get more clients from my fan page when my Fan Page had 10,000 followers vs now it has over 105,000!


Cause all these things are OVER-SATURATED.

EVERYONE is doing the same thing with the same tools and it’s flooding the market.

However, I fixed this.

And once I did I was able to pull myself out of over $50k in CC debt & ONLY work with cool clients.

In fact – I am able to turn away 70% of everyone who reaches out to me now due

So lets fix this for you and do it fast.

It’s not too late (yet). But time IS NOT on your side. Things are getting harder, more complex, more expensive and over-saturated in virtually ANY MARKET where there is
money to be made coaching/consulting people.

You DON’T want to be left with the scraps and taking on clients that are everyone
else’s left overs.

A white, middle-aged man speeds through the desert in a Winnebago while wearing nothing but his underwear and a gas mask.

Bullet holes cover the door and three men lay unconscious (or possibly dead) inside.

The driver’s mask fogs up, causing him to veer off the road and crash in a ditch.

Then he takes a camcorder from the RV and records a message to his wife and son, telling them that he loves them and assuring them that the crimes he committed were done with the best intentions.

Finally, he puts down the camera… walks to the road… pulls a gun from the waistband of his tighty whities… then points it in the direction of oncoming sirens.


That, my friends, is the opening to Breaking Bad, the Emmy award-winning TV show about a high-school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin.

And I bring this up because I recently re-watched the entire series with my wife (it’s’ really that good).

But this second time watching it, I noticed something I didn’t spot before…

You see, the show follows a specific formula at the beginning of every episode — one that can not only be leveraged by filmmakers, but copywriters and marketers as well.

Here’s what happens…

Right away, Breaking Bad starts “in medias res,” which is latin for “in the midst of things.”

It doesn’t tell you how the characters got to where they are.

Or what unfolded to cause the situation.

Instead, the show always leads with a scene that’s filled with action… or drama… or mystery… or sometimes all three.

But then, right before the climax…

The scene ends and cuts to the intro.

In other words, Breaking Bad starts by grabbing the audience’s attention. And then, right when their interest is piqued, it leaves them with a cliffhanger.

In copywriting, we call these two elements “hooks” and “open loops.”

The hook is what captures your prospect’s eyeballs.

And the open loop is like the cliffhanger. It’s the unfulfilled promise (either directly stated or implied) that gives them an irresistible reason to keep reading.

Now let me show you an example…

Here are the first few lines of a promo that I recently added to my swipe file:

It’s sold in almost every supermarket… And found in over 100 different food products. In fact, it’s probably sitting in your fridge right now… And you may have served it to your family last night at dinner. This surgeon believes it’s the worst food a human can eat. It’s banned in Europe… But in America… It’s 100% legal.

That’s the hook.

And in my opinion, it’s pretty good. It grabbed me right by the gills because of the curiosity it provoked.

But remember, a hook alone isn’t enough.

Next, you gotta pair it with a good open loop, which usually comes near the end of the lead…

So why is this ingredient still legal in the United States… Even though the rest of the world considers it to be poisonous, hazardous and is linked to cancer? Well, in a moment, I’ll show you how it might have to do with a biotech corporation who makes $15 BILLION per year manufacturing this ingredient… And how they spend $5 million dollars per year lobbying the United States government to keep their products on the market.

See what they did there?

They open the loop by promising to inform you about this “dangerous” ingredient.

But they don’t share the full deets right away.

Instead, they build anticipation and force you to keep reading the copy to find out more.

And that’s what makes it so powerful.

So remember…

By combining a sharp hook with an irresistible open loop, you’ve got a proven formula for advertising (or Hollywood) success.

And the next time you’re waist deep in the first couple pages of a promo, think long and hard about how you execute this one-two punch.

A question?

Is your online business generating high-paying clients every week?

If not… I want to show you the very different way I’ve scaled my business using a new model, most entrepreneurs out there aren’t aware of.

It’s the same model I’ve taught to hundreds of experts, coaches and business owners…

And it’s the same model that has helped turn more aspiring marketers into cash-flush entrepreneurs than any other customer-generation method I know of.

What’s interesting is the fact that…

It gets you high-paying clients… WITHOUT you having to create a lead magnet, or offer a low-priced tripwire, or create some endless upsell sequence.

PLUS: It’s a process that works to generate new clients for you starting from just a simple ad on social media.

Now you might be thinking…

How’s that possible?

The reason why this new model works so well is because it’s very different from the common marketing stuff the majority of struggling entrepreneurs, experts and coaches are doing.

This model is based on your specialization

So it ensures your stuff is laser focused on a strict market… cares more about the end results of your clients… and removes all buying resistance.
And, of course, closes the sale for you.

If that sounds like it would be valuable for you…

Go here and watch this case study training on how to attract clients using a high level online course for free.

You’re going to love it,

Thing 1:

Aaron Fletcher and I are releasing 39 of our premium products (courses, software templates and more…) – many of which clients gladly paid up to $10,000 for – for 99.71% off.

It started as a fun competition to see who can “out do” the other in terms of bringing the heat with the value and coolness.

We haven’t made the offer public yet.

If you’d like early access to it, just reply to this email with “MORE INFO” and I’ll hook you up.

Thing 2:

This whole approach of sending an email out and basically saying “write me back if you want more info” is nothing new.

It’s usually used to sell high ticket stuff.

Now THIS offer is LOW TICKET. (We’re basically just messing around and trying to out-do each other in terms of who can add the most value to the offer.)

Aaron has sent three of these “write me back” emails to his list …and this one will be my third one to my list as well.

We’ve also used a similar strategy on Social Media …we’ve each made a few posts that say “Hey we have this cool thing you might like. Put the word ‘interested’ in the comments and we’ll send you info.”

Nothing too crazy. No fancy tech …just asking people if they’re interested and then following up.

Here’s where it gets crazy.

We started following up with people on Friday night.

As of last night, we were at $98,246.00 in collected sales.

And this is a LOW TICKET offer.

I know, right? Crazy!

I’ll put together a case study for you once the dust settles but in the meantime, if you want to see what this crazy offer is – just write me back with “MORE INFO” as the subject and we’ll follow up.


P.S. – This isn’t a high ticket offer in disguise, no one will ask you to book a “strategy call” of any of that BS.

The offer is crazy-good and we’re really just doing it for fun …and as a way to test some new marketing techniques which I’ll share with you (assuming they keep working this well.)

Almost 20 years ago, one of my mentors taught me a cool trick that I still use to this day…

Instead of launching a new product cold, find a similar affiliate offer and see how that does first…

Check to see if your audience wants it...

See how the page and upsells convert...

Test pre-landers and email messaging to see which hooks people engage with...

And the biggie…

Make sure you can get cold traffic to it.

That last one is huge, because if you don’t know how you will generate traffic to an offer, you probably need to figure that out before anything else.

In fact, I recommend you become an expert in traffic generation for whatever niche you are thinking about entering.

Nothing more depressing that working your ass off to develop a new product and then realizing there are no easy traffic sources for you to tap.

Like I mentioned in my last email, this advance work is critical, and also a cool way to GET PAID to do the research.

You may already be an affiliate marketing whiz, but I’m betting you can probably pick up a few tricks from my friend Andrew’s new Affiliate Millionaire course that he created with his top student, Tom Owen.

And if you are a Noobie-Tuesday to affiliate marketing, this is the same blueprint Andrew and his tribe use to generate 7 figures a year in new markets.

“I can’t find the right people”

“I’ll just do it myself”

“Nobody cares about my business as much as I do”

As a founder, it feels easier to do things yourself.

I get it.

For many years I was scared to death about giving up control.

I wanted to be the best at everything in my business.

Sales, marketing, operations, product development.

But you know what Kishore?

It stunted my growth a lot.

Imagine trying to fly a plane at 500mph…

WHILE you serve coffee. While you clean the bathrooms. And while you help passengers with their luggage.

That’s not a flight anyone would want to be on!

And yet that’s what many founders do when they micromanage their team.

The good news is, once you make the one simple mental shift Corey and I talk about in this video…


You’ll never feel the need to control everything again. >>>

Check out this week’s GSS episode where Corey Wagner reveals his top tips for building the CEO mindset that’ll unlock more success for you than ever before.

Corey is the founder of Bananatag, the world’s leading internal communication software company.

Since 2011 he grew his small family-owned business to a powerhouse SaaS with a 120 sized team, from scratch without external funding.

The key to his success?

Finding good people, who do things better than you…

Then just get out of their way and let them get on with it.

In this video, we’ll go over exactly that and also:

Paying The “Stupid Tax”
The Right Way To Use “Sweat Equity”
Perfect Your Pivoting
When To Leverage Coaches
The “Exponential Growth” CEO Mindset 

If you’ve ever struggled with letting go and want to unlock exponential growth, check it out.

Looking forward to hearing your top takeaways in the comments!

Dan “letting go” Martell

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