Building a Metaverse for Cricket

Metaverse has always been associated with online games but never with cricket and now all of this is about to change. Anshum Bhambri the co-founder of Faze Technologies is bringing out a cricket-based collectibles and gaming platform built on blockchain and feauturing (NFT) Non-fungible tokens.

The concept seems to be winner because it has already got the backing of Tiger Global, Coatue and Sequoia Capital India. 

What makes the Faze concept unique is that they plan to make the NFTs available in pack drops, where the user will not know what they are purchasing before hand. The user has the option to hold on to the unopened packs or selling it in the secondary market.

While the Metaverse for cricket is happening, on the other hand lot of people wonder if the metaverse will actually take off or fade away like any other trend.

Videogames are the closest that we have come closest to the alternative world and there is real concern on how it will develop. Earlier concepts like Habitat and Second Life did not take off in a big way but now Roblox and Minecraft are roaring ahead.

Ryan Vaswani, an emerging market analyst with PitchBook says that projects like the Twin Earth — a digital twin of Earth that Nvidia Corp has built and the Flight Stimulator by Microsoft might hold the keys to opening up the surreal world of the Metaverse.