Will the Metaverse Affect Your Business?

It’s amazing how many requests I get to talk on the Metaverse or Web3 or Quantum computing or Blockchain. As much as I’d love to take that easy money, the reality is that there are far more interesting things to talk about.

The Metaverse is a fraction as interesting as gaming was to your company, which is likely near zero. It’s a new vague label that suits VR & AR headset makers who need a new hope to explain away disastrous sales, it’s a nice PR distraction for Facebook, the same way Drone deliveries were when Amazon faced hard questions. It’s a term that means nothing, but can look good in trends documents. Nobody can explain what it is, which is why when it’s not here in 10 years time, nobody will have failed.

I’m not remotely cynical, I’m simply skeptical. I’m deeply optimistic about technology and people but also discerning.

Thinking Blockchain is an inelegant solution to a poorly defined problem is seen by many to be ignorance, but I’ll keep waiting for the day when people who know far far more about Blockchain also realize that most problems =are at the interface between people and tech/systems, not systems and other systems.

I love focussing on technology that matters, much of which has been with us for a decade, but remain underutilized. So my talks are about this, not shiny things.

Yesterday, we shared a list of Top 10 Product Leaders to follow on Linkedin (link in comment).

Today, we will share a list of some of the best up and coming Product influencers, including the “hidden gems 💎” on LinkedIn. Special kudos to Avi Bansal for helping to curate this list! 👏

▪️Diego Granados, Senior PM at Microsoft, publishes daily insights on how to break into PM

▪️Linda Zhang, Founder at Product Lessons and ex-GPM at Faire, shares non-obvious career insights on lessons learned from working 6 years in tech, how to become high-potential, how to become a shaper thinker by not reading what everyone else reads.

▪️Kenton Kivestu, Founder at RocketBlocks, ex-PM at Zynga an Google, shares interview prep tips to help people land tech and consulting jobs

▪️Bart Jaworski, Ph.D., Senior PM at Skype, is a prolific course creator and shares daily insights on how to get into and thrive in product management

▪️Andrew Bowker, PM at IBM by day and maker by night, shares tips about building your own product and starting your side hustles

▪️Anuj Magazine, Director, Strategic Tech Programs at Walmart Global Tech, shares visuals and sketchnotes about various career tips and book summaries. His recent posts include how to manage multiple passions, what really is metaverse, and tactics for finding focus

▪️Marily Nika, Ph.D, AR/VR Experience Product Lead at Google, Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School, Cofounder of Geekettes (a community of inspiring women tech innovators), 3x TEDx speakers, Forbes 40 under 40, author…the list goes on and on and on. And you get the point ☺️

▪️Andre Albuquerque, VP of Product at Kitch, shares tips on how to grow as a Product leader and build 0-to-1 products

▪️Shravan Tickoo, Principle PM at BYJU’S and ex-PM at Flipkart, shares daily insights on product management and growth. In his own words – “I tell a little truth about Product Management, with a tinge of humor to it 🙃.”

▪️Lokesh Gupta, Founder and Product Coach at ProductHood, shares insights on building API-led products, product-led growth, and other product and design thinking topics

▪️Peter Yang, Product Lead at Reddit and author of “Principles of Product Management”. I enjoy reading his takes on the Creator Economy, community building, and his recent focus on beginner’s guide to crypto

▪️Sugandha -, Product at Eightfold and ex-Netflix and EA, shares her take on tech, culture, and product management

▪️Eric Weber, Head of Experimentation at Yelp and Writer of “From Data to Product” newsletter, shares frequently about data product management and thinking about DS as a product

▪️Moe Ali, CEO at Product Faculty, publishes weekly insights and coaching tips on how to grow as a PM and become best versions of themselves

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Much work has to be done to lay the foundation for Web3. Some of that may be political work, meaning that users, developers, tech companies, special interest groups, and others would have to participate in various standards bodies and hammer out agreements on how the Web3 protocols would work. Only when this work gets going and when financial incentives align behind it will Web3 start to get real.