Metaverse Dubai and 3 Tips to Become Successful in the Metaverse

Facebook – or Meta as its parent brand is now known is reportedly planning to open retail stores to Sell VR, AR and Other Digital Connection Tools

According to NYT there are plans for IRL Facebook stores through which it would sell its VR headsets, AR glasses, Portal devices and more.

So why would Meta start with physical stores?

The answer lies in selling spades during the gold rush. They are building the infrastructure required for fast adoption.

Just like a new phase of social media, the metaverse is opening up new venues to connect and do business. Meta is only speeding up things.

How to Mint Millions from the Metaverse

The biggest opportunities are when a trend takes off.

I remember my colleague offering to transfer 10 BTC to me in 2011 when I was working in a bank.

He was asking for $50 for 10BTC then but I had no idea what it was.

You can calculate how much 10BTC would have been worth now.

A opportunity missed is an opportunity missed for ever.

Don’t let that happen with the Metaverse opportunity.

It is going to be bigger than BTC.

And I am inviting you to a private mastermind to explore the possibilities of the Metaverse.

From Sleepless Startup to Entrepreneurial Success…

My friend who was recently phased out from his corporate job after 30 years of service was not very worried about his job loss.

‘I will create a startup’ he said.

The excitement in his eyes made me think that he was rediscovering youthfulness through the startup.

It’s as if he is getting a second chance to start all over again.

Probably there are thousands of people like him moving from the corporate place to the startup world.

All happy and enthusiastic.

Hoping to become the next Byjus and Paytm.

But the reality is starkly different.

Only 5% of startups end up being successful.

The remaining are sleepless.

Researchers and experts have found various reasons for startup failure like mistimed product, hiring the wrong team, false pivots and cashflow challenges.

But things are more complex than that.

If you are planning to create a startup and you feel you should be in the 5% that becomes extremely successful, you need a roadmap for entrepreneurial success (link is in the first comment below).

Or you might end-up being sleepless!

How to Build a $2.1 Billion Fashion Brand in 7 years…

Allbirds, which started by selling a small shoe called the wool runner has become one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the world.

They went public recently and is now valued at $2.1 Billion.

What made the brand’s rapid growth possible was its vision to keep its products as eco-friendly as possible.

Allbirds has become the fashion industry’s standard bearer on sustainability practices.

Allbirds is not alone in this vision or innovation.

Tesla’s job is far greater than simply getting a person from one place to another.

Impossible Meats’ job is more than just feeding a hungry customer.

The job for all these businesses is to ensure that the planet we live on not only survives, but thrives in the coming decades.

According to The Economist, investors poured more than $500 billion in 2021 into “energy transition”  sectors.

Sustainable-first companies have the greatest chance of becoming the next generation’s winners.

If you are planning to introduce sustainability and become purpose native, you would be surprised to learn about Think Tribe’s ERP system that can help you to make the transition.

From sustainable sourcing to streamlined supply chains and energy-saving customer service integrations, Think Tribe can help you move towards Net-Zero Carbon aspirations.

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