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ROI on Advertising

How to Get 700% ROI from Your Digital Advertising Campaigns

According to a sample study done by eMarketer in 7 different industries, they found that a typical digital campaign gets an average ROI of 15%.

This means, if you use the strategies revealed here and manage to crack the code to a 700% ROI campaign, you can dominate your category and leave your competition in the dust.

Discover the Treasure Hidden inside Your Analytics

The journey towards a successful 700% ROI campaign starts by taking a peek at the data hidden inside your website or app’s analytics.

Google Analytics is collecting your consumer’s demographic nature, their tastes and preferences, the keywords they are using, their insights and most importantly their buyer intent.

When creating a campaign, many marketers sit down to define the band’s buyer persona, little realizing that it is already well defined within your analytics data.

Google Analytics is silently collecting every bit of information about your customer in the hope that one day, you will discover this treasure trove and exploit it to the hilt.

3 Stages of a Customer Journey

A customer goes through 3 stages before making a purchase and crafting separate sales funnels for each stage of the customer journey is critical for having a 700% ROI campaign.

Before we look at the sales funnels, let’s examine the 3 stages of the customer journey.

Awareness Stage — At this part of the process, the buyer becomes aware that there is an issue to be resolved, or an opportunity that they wish to pursue.

They’ve identified the symptoms, but they haven’t yet determined what’s causing them or how they’re going to treat them.

At this stage, your sales funnel should educate potential buyers about the issues or opportunities at hand without attempting to sell directly to them.

Consideration Stage — So the buyer has defined their issue or their goal and they’re ready to respond to it. They begin to look at different services and approaches that are available to resolve their problems.

Your Sales Funnel at this stage focuses on educating the buyer about the solutions your brand has to offer.

Decision Stage — Finally, your buyer has decided upon a solution, so it’s time for you to sell your brand as the purveyor of this solution.

Just because the buyer has accompanied you this far on the journey doesn’t guarantee that you’ve got their business, so you’ve got to use your Sales Funnel to convince them that your solution is the best.

Unfortunately, most agencies run campaigns that are directed at the decision stage consumer and ignore the other stages, but if you are intent on running a 700% ROI campaign you will have to cater to all 3 stages.

How to Get Massive Sales (almost overnight)

If you have run digital campaigns, you already know that the highest quality traffic comes from Google. The sales intent of a person searching for a solution on Google is much higher than an amused consumer on social media.

Although Google is extremely effective, it is also expensive to advertise. Google charges you per click. The cpc that you pay is directly related to the quality score of your keywords and the quality score is based on three main factors:

  • Expected CTR – a prediction of how likely your ad will get clicked based on historical and market click data.
  • Ad Relevance – how well does your ad copy relate to the keyword and search intent.
  • Landing Page Experience – does your landing page provide content relevant to the keyword and ad text, and how’s the user experience?

(You can check the quality score of your keywords by enabling ‘quality score’ inside your Adwords & DoubleClick account)


You can see from the screenshot of our ad campaign that our top keyword has a quality score of 9/10.

We were paying AED 20.22 per click for this keyword when the quality score was 3/10. But when we increased the quality score to 9/10, the CPC dropped to AED 1.4.

That’s an astounding 94% decrease in cost.

You can imagine the kind of additional traffic that you can get from your Adwords account, if you are able to apply this process for your top performing keyword (golden keyword).

How to Run a 700% ROI Campaign

When you combine the power of analytics to discover your brand’s buyer persona, build 3 separate sales funnels for each stage of the customer journey and reduce your cpc by 94%, you start seeing the outline of a 700% ROI campaign.

All of this may sound simple in theory but the implementation is far more complex than what your average digital agency can handle.

If you need the support of a highly specialized agency to implement all of the strategies explained here, you can reach out to us on 050-6986164 and we can kick-start a discussion about your 700% ROI campaign.

(Please note that we only work with clients that have analytics data and the hunger to dominate the digital space)


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