SEO Packages Dubai to Consider Before Choosing Your SEO Agency in UAE

SEO Packages Dubai to Consider Before Choosing Your SEO Agency in UAE

by admin November 14, 2020

There are 3 kinds of SEO Packages in Dubai: Low, Mid and ROI Based Packages. You can Choose whichever SEO package that suits your budget in Dubai, but keep in mind that each package comes with its own challenges and advantages.

Low SEO Packages in Dubai

If you have been in Dubai for some time you would have got calls from several SEO agencies in town and outside town.

You might have got cold emails from far off countries requesting your attention towards SEO and how that company can start doing SEO for as low as AED 500 per month.

As a business owner or marketing director who understands that SEO takes considerable amount of intelligence and business acumen, you know that these low cost SEO packages are worthless at best and harmful at its worst.

These small timers use a lot of bots to spam other sites with your website’s name in order to get backlinks and it is only a matter of time before Google understands the blackhat SEO efforts and punishes you with something that is called a Google Sandbox.

The Google Sandbox is a just a nice name for de-indexing or removing your site from the Google index. This means your site no longer exists in the eyes of google and you know how much traffic you can get without being present on Google.

So our advice to you is to keep away from low cost SEO at all costs. It’s far better to do nothing, rather than doing low cost SEO.

Mid Level SEO Packages in Dubai

The mid level SEO packages are much better than the low cost SEO packages and here you would be meeting professionals who understand your business.

The Mid Level SEO agency will study your business, your competitors, your customers and try to figure out the best way to get in front of customers when they search for products or services that your company sells.

The Mid Level SEO Agency is quite slow in its approach but steady in its results and they may charge anything between AED 2000 to AED 5000 per month for their SEO charges.

They would have decent content writers on board and a technical SEO team to identify all the on page and off page challenges for your website.

ROI based SEO Packages in Dubai

An ROI based SEO agency is a rare breed and quite exceptional in that they talk about how much money you can be earning from your business through SEO.

Most SEO agencies talk about keywords and ranking, while ROI based SEO agencies in Dubai talk about profits and earnings.

This is the area that we operate in and SEO Souq has been providing ROI based SEO services to a variety of companies in the Tech Industry, Healthcare, Hospitality and Education sector.

Our SEO charges are quite high but clients who come on board rarely leave because they love the ROI they are getting for the SEO campaigns.

If you have tried low level SEO packages in Dubai and mid level packages in Dubai without much luck, you can call us on 050 6986164 to see how the ROI based SEO package can bring a lot of results and profits for your business.

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