SEO Packages Dubai (DON’T Choose an SEO Agency) Without Seeing this

There are many kinds of SEO packages available in Dubai and the most common are:

  1. Starter SEO Package: Seo Audit, Keyword Research, Content Analysis, Back Link Report and Google Analytics.
  2. Standard SEO Package: Seo Audit, Technical Audit, Keyword Research, Content Analysis, Competitor Benchmarking, Backlink Report and Google Analytics.
  3. Advanced SEO Package: Business Audit, USP, Positioning, SEO audit, Technical Audit, Keyword Research, Content Analysis, Competitor Benchmarking, Backlink Report and Google Analytics.

Most SEO Service Plans Confuse Business Owners

At the same time, all of these SEO service plans may seem confusing to the average small business owner or marketing director, who has not carried out an SEO exercise before.

This is where a lot of SEO companies confuse and convince the unsuspecting client to sign long term agreements that may finally not be in the best interest for the client.

How to Choose a SEO Digital Marketing Company Dubai that Gets You Value for Money?

Google already has a fair idea of what you website is all about, from the Google Analytics installed on your website.

The Analytics is silently collecting all information about visitors on your website. Their age, preferences, their keyword choices, the customer journey, their intention and hidden desires. In fact google has more data than you will ever need to do SEO.

So to do, professional SEO, you need to start with your Google Analytics. When we are approached to take a look at the SEO of a website, the first thing we request is Google Analytics access.

How to Do Professional SEO

When you feel hungry and search for ‘pizza’ on Google, it may look like a simple process to you as a user.

But Google has only 0.60 seconds to decided which 9 websites to show on the front page of Google from among the 1.1 billion pizza websites out there.

If you are a new pizza brand and wish to come up on the front page of google for the keyword ‘pizza’, it might take you years.

The smarter way to SEO your website to the top of Google results, would be to analyze your customer and find out if they are in the discovery phase or purchase stage?

Now, you can start optimizing your website based on customer intent and have a separate set of keywords for the discovery phase and a different set for the purchase stage.

Although SEO drives 51 percent of all visits to B2B and B2C websites online, very few brands have discovered the power of SEO based on customer intent.

By thinking differently, you would separate yourself from 99% of brands out there like the IBM hoarding that is not just a hoarding but a smart rain shelter.

(If you would like to have advanced SEO done for your brand that is based on customer intent, reach out to us. However, please note we don’t work with brands that don’t have analytics data)

Now, I hope you would have discovered why choosing an SEO company based on the best SEO package they offer is not a good idea.

If you would like to have a professional SEO analysis done for your brand, feel free to call us on 050-6986164 or visit our office at Building 2, TwoFour54, Sheikh Zayed Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


SEO Packages Sample

If you are an SEO agency looking for a sample SEO package that you can show to a prospective client, you have come to the wrong place.

We don’t have any sample SEO packages. What we have are solid SEO concepts that you can use and profit.

SEO Service Plans

If you are looking for a service plan for your SEO project, you need to know that the first thing your prospective SEO agency needs to have is a good grasp on google analytics.

If the SEO agency has an analytics expert on board (like we do), there is a good chance that they are metrics driven and only a metrics driven agency can win the SEO war.

Local SEO Packages

If you are looking for a Local Seo Package, then most probably, you have a local business and you are planning to promote it to the locality.

Most of Local SEO starts with a having a great Google Business presence and ensuring your business shows up in the Map Pack.

But that is just the beginning. What you need is a complete SEO package that will cover both your local seo package requirement and your website SEO requirement.

SEO in Dubai

Now that you have seen the other side of SEO packages in Dubai, I am sure you have enough information to choose an SEO package. However, if you need more information on SEO packages in Dubai, reach out to us on 050-6986164.

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