700% ROI through SEO

You might have heard that we are the first agency in the world to guarantee 700% ROI. But what might surprise you is that the secret of achieving 700% ROI lies hidden inside your analytics!

Your analytics account is a treasure trove and our team of Analytics experts are adept at spotting hidden opportunities there.

Next, our Content team will interview the top management in your company to understand your brand goals and expectations. The interview also provides us with the raw material for creating quality content, which is the backbone of our SEO operations.

While all of this may sound exciting, what really sets us apart is our obsession with customers and the journey they go through before purchasing your brand’s product or service.

Creating separate sales funnels for each stage of the customer journey will increases the CTR, relevance and conversions of your website. This automatically increases your website’s quality score in Google’s RankBrain.

When the quality score of your website starts moving, we start the link outreach program to increase your SEO ranking. For clients, who want to dominate the market we simultaneously unleash a digital marketing campaign on Google’s DoubleClick and Social Media Channels.

You might have gauged by now that we are not the typical SEO agency and that there is a method to the insane results that we achieve.


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