Using Facebook Ads to Generate Clients

Gavin has landed 9 new clients this November…. and not just “any client”…. they are personal injury attorneys!

These are high ticket clients right here…. so you best believe Gavin just added a minimum of 100k in revenue to his business in just a 30 day period!

Now…. I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking…. “Well good for him… how do I do that?”

I’ll tell you how.


You don’t have the be a super duper sales ninja to sell something a lot of business owners want.

Consider the new iphone…. that thing sells itself!

People line up outside the store and wait hours sometimes days to be one of the first souls to pick one up…

The folks that work at the Apple store don’t need to do any selling.

The product sells itself!

Nobody has ever had to convince me to upgrade my phone…

I just walk into the store and say, “Take my credit card and give me one please.”

The same holds true with Facebook ads!

Business owners want more leads and new customers

And they want that result RIGHT NOW!

So if you have the skillset & training to offer Facebook ads to these business owners… then guess what…

You are going to land a client!

And that’s why I’m excited about the grand opening of our new and updated Facebook ads program, The 700% ROI Course

Inside the course we have all new trainings around:

The IOS update, The updated ads manager platform , The updated business manager platform , The updated Conversion tracking setup , Brand new client case studies from 2021Plus 50 done for you funnels… (perfect for any client you land in any niche…. tested in real campaigns too)

The one where I discussed how Josh landed 3 clients in a single day with a Black Friday offer for his digital agency! (click to allow images at the top of your inbox)

Landing clients over the next 3 months… could not be easier!

Local businesses are reviewing their numbers for the year…. and they are budgeting for new marketing campaigns heading into 2022.

These business owners want to GROW!

And they want a consultant… LIKE YOU… to manage a FB ads campaign for them to bring them more customers.

The average local business pays $1000- $2000 per month for you to manage their ads…


We are ready to help you launch or scale your digital marketing agency….

And for a limited time you can get our FB ads coaching program for an insane 80% off…  The 700% ROI Course

More on this to come….

But first…

I want to make sure you see this offer we have on the table because it’s our best one ever!!

It’s official…. The doors are now open to our #1 rated Facebook ads program,  The 700% ROI Course
Our 2.0 version incorporates all our training from 1.0 but also is updated with brand new trainings for the new ads manager interface… + new client case studies + new business MGR training!

Get 50+ Funnels, 1v1 Onboarding Call, 8 VIP group Coaching Calls, Ad Copy Templates, Sales Templates, Client Getting Secrets, Targeting Secrets, Scaling Secrets + more… all for a one time price!

So…. may I ask you?

Are you tired of paying monthly membership fees to run your business?

Are you experiencing roller coaster revenue months (business goes up then comes crashing down?)

Are you starting to realize that ecommerce has low margins and a very low success rate?

That pitching SEO has lost it’s steam…

That disguised pizza parties for M.L.M companies isn’t an option anymore…

—> (not to mention you put yourself at risk if the actual owner decides to cut, change, get rid of your commission plan, or sell the company).

Yes… unfortunately it happens in the M.L.M. world….


If you answered, “Yes” to any of those then let me make you our best offer ever!

The 700% ROI Course

But you have to act fast because fact action bonuses expire, November 30th! (6 Days and counting)
Next week, the bonuses begin to expire to snag this deal before you get busy with Thanksgiving festivities & miss out!

Here’s the best part.

1 Client gets you a return on investment!

One stinking client.

And in return you get access to:

🚀Lifetime updates🚀1v1 onboarding call
🚀8 VIP Group coaching coaching calls🚀50 plus funnels🚀Crazy FB ad secrets🚀Ad copy templates🚀Sales templates🚀Targeting hacks🚀New Client Getting Scripts🚀Local Business Lead Funnels🚀Client Acquisition Funnels🚀And Insider secrets to growing your online business forever! (until I pass away or the program closes…. long long time basically).
It gets better.

Over the coming weeks, I’m releasing a series of brand new client case studies!


We will be dripping in bonus content… as we go!

See that is why we have 400+ Reviews.

Our members get to copy and paste exactly what is working in our business.

And get cutting edge strategy.

The 700% ROI Course
That’s right!

If you’re feeling confused or stuck in your business…

We want to help you feel alive again.

Put that excitement back into each day.

Bring the amazement of possibility back into your reality.

Help you show your significant other that you are still that go-getter, exciting, & unpredictable sexy self.

That’s why we’re running our early Black Friday promo that expires in just a few days….

And also why….

The 700% ROI Course

To be clear, after November 30th, the bonuses are expiring!

And you get to save $2500 right now!

The 700% ROI Course
To recap.

This is your one and only chance to join the #1 Rated Facebook Advertising program + Lock In Lifetime Updates + Get a 1v1 coaching call + 8 VIP group coaching calls!
There is a catch!

The offer expires November 30th, 11:59pm est.

So if you’re even slightly interested in this amazing deal…

The 700% ROI Course

We’ll answer any and all questions you have, for free!

1000+ members are waiting to welcome you to our community with open arms.

The 700% ROI Course

Talk soon,

P.S. Often times folks ask me why or “how” do we have so many testimonials for Funnel Consultant Society…. My response, “Hands on support” and a better “mouse trap”.

See unlike “courses” where you’re left out to dry by yourself… we help our members through each step of starting their ad agency!

And with consistently updated training they always know what to do next and get new ways to land clients (like our new training coming out over the next few weeks)

Add in that you get $1500/month on average per client…. before you even do ANY WORK… and you have a recipe for a very successful online business.

(Other business models require you to have lots of capital to get started… the agency model is reversed. You collect $1500/month per client per month before even lifting a finger to run ads).

And clients foot the ad bill!

When you understand those concepts… well darn it… this is simply an unfair opportunity… and that it is 😉

I’ll add in…

*You don’t have to film video or embarrass yourself on camera (like with youtube or youtube ads)
*You can do this from home part-time
* You make your own schedule
*You decide your own success

The 700% ROI Course