What is Souq’s Contact Number?

Every day, we get 2 to 3 calls from people looking for Souq’s contact number.

It’s funny, because Souq does not exist anymore. They have been renamed at Amazon.ae

But the calls keep coming. And we tell all the callers ‘We are not Souq, we are SEO Souq a digital agency.’

It was quite frustrating.

Then we came up with a brainwave, what if we asked these people if they need SEO or digital marketing services? Wouldn’t that be able to convert some of the callers into customers?

It was a wild thought and we decided to give it a try.

When the next call came, we said: ‘Hey, we are not Souq, we are SEO Souq a digital agency. We know you are looking to buy some products from the Souq store but have you thought about having your own store like Souq. Maybe it would be a good business idea for you.’

Some of the callers thought we were joking, but after 10 callers, one person said: ‘I was looking for an ecommerce development company and what you have said has given me some ideas. When can we meet?’

We were blown away. The calls that were going waste was now converting at 10% into e-commerce customers.

And all because we rank for the keyword ‘Souq’ on Google My Business and all the free calls that we were getting.

That is the power of SEO.

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