Youtube Advertising Hacks for Dubai Business

This may be one of the most valuable posts I’ve ever written about YouTube ads…These small “hacks” are part of what made the difference between ads that generated 2x ROAS and ads that generated over 5x ROAS.So let’s dive into each one. Leveraging Social Proof As a refresher, here’s what our video structure looks like:

  • Hook
  • Bridge
  • Call-To-Action

This structure has been proven time after time…But we found that when we include a case study or some sort of social proof in the videos, the ads perform almost twice as well.

Meaning cost/lead and cost/sale are almost half the cost when we include social proof in the videos.The best place to add a case study to your video is in the Bridge where you’re giving out value.

Because imagine you saw an ad where the person on the video was explaining a solution for your pain that you’ve never heard of before…

Sure you’d be curious to learn more about the solution/method that’s being explained…But you would also have some doubt about whether or not the strategy actually works.

Now imagine that same situation, but now the person on video was explaining their method with an example or two of clients who used the method and achieved the exact goal that you’re after…Which ad do you think you’d most likely click? 

Video Matrix Another important thing to remember when it comes to your video ads is to test out multiple angles.The way we like to test multiple angles is by testing multiple hooks, but then adding on the same Bridge & CTA to each hook.

Meaning we record 3-5 different hooks, (first 5-15 seconds)…And then we attach the same Bridge & CTA to each hook to create 3-5 different videos with the only difference for each video being the hook.

The reason we only change the hooks for each video is so that we’re not testing too many variables at once.If we’re testing different hooks with different Bridges and CTA’s it’d be a lot harder to draw conclusions from testing.

But since we only change the hooks, we’re able to effectively test 3-5 different video ads at once…Which means we’re able to through testing a lot sooner. Household Income Exclusions Whenever we’re advertising a high ticket offer we always exclude the bottom 50% of household income.

This is one of the easiest ways to exclude leads who can’t afford your price point.We’ve seen cost/lead $2-$3 higher when we exclude the bottom 50% of household income, but the conversion rates are also much higher.And that’s why the campaigns end up being 30-40% more profitable.

These 3 points I covered today are GOLD so go try them out – I guarantee you’ll see better results.